Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post WWI/Early 1920's Tea Gown (?)

From the seller:

An antique Edwardian, Titanic era silk floral damask dressing gown that once was gorgeous but is now in poor condition but would be great to use as a pattern or for the two large rosettes that embellish the front. There's a silk belt but the closures are missing and it's a bit short to tie but could be crossed and pinned together with a brooch or rosette. The dress has fringe on the hemline and the sleeves. There's holes throughout, some light discoloration and a large tear/hole on the shoulder that you can see in one of the last photos. The fabric doesn't appear to be weak. Almost forgot to mention, it has a B. Altman & Co. label.





From Me:

The shape and the decorations are much later than the seller claims - more 1918 to 1922 ish. It vaugely reminds me of the Fortuny gowns that were still being sold at that point but this has that lovely rosette detail and that crazy fringe as well as it's own unique shape. My guess is it's a tea gown.

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