Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1920's Dress with Beautifully Done Beading

From the seller:

Circa 1920 Roaring 20's Flapper Dress
"Amazing Beadwork"

Looks like it's right out of Downton Abbey!!!!

36" Hip area
up to 42" Bust as the top area is loose fit
Bead work in front comes down in a V shape
The Beaded Sash drops from the shoulders in the back and drapes then ties in the back (Shown in the 7th and 9th Pics).The Bead work at the bottom measures 12" and wraps all the way around the bottom of the gown. This dress has a few beads missing but can be easily repaired. needs a few stitches under the left arm,(Shown in Last Pic) two snaps sewn on at shoulder ( shown in 4th Pic) , and a repaired tear at Left side just above the Lower bead work ( Shown in 5th Pic), there are some small holes in garment due to its age, as would be expected for it's age!

This is a Gorgeous piece that displays Beautifully!

From Me:

This is the way to really bling out a blah color. The faux nude of the dress is pretty boring, color wise, but the red and black (?) beading on the dress makes it into anything but blah. 1920's, clearly.

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