Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Late 18th Century Printed Cape

From the seller:

This short cape is a rare item of costume, and is made up of various typically Provencal cottons - a mixture of muted violet and indigo. It dates to the end of the 1700s.

It has a large, and delightfully frilled hood, and there is also frilling around the edge of the main body of the cape. The hood is lined with thin flannel, and the whole is tightly gathered into a central point at the middle back.

The cape is designed with pretty sprigged cotton and is lined with indigo cotton. The inside brim of the hood is in a cotton with a scrolling purple design.

It has original ties to the front in cotton of a different print.

The condition is remarkable for it's great age, and the cape is intact and all hand worked ofcourse.

This is a beautiful item when properly arranged on a suitable mannequin. It looks delightfully elegant and feminine. Combined with a cotton skirt or gown, some antique lace at the throat or a lace cap, it would reflect the style of the times.

Measurements: From neck to V back base 24". Laid flat and measured at widest point: 52"

From Me:

This style was actually really popular in the late 18th century/early 19th century. Here are some other examples:

There are a lot more out there as well. Based on the shape and the pattern of the fabric, I'm thinking 1790's for this.


  1. I love that squiggly fabric used to line the hood.

    1. That squiggly design is interesting. Although it looks somewhat of a modern quilting fabric, the design itself can be traced back to the early 17th Century embroidery designs.

  2. It also reminds me of couched or soutache embellishments popular in Edwardian and early teens pieces.