Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pink and Burgundy Red Late Victorian Dress

From the seller:

A stunning 1890’s pink silk faille and flocked velvet evening reception dress. The front panel on the skirt has beautiful multi colored flocked velvet flowers on a burgundy satin background. The bodice is decorated with the same fabric. The bodice neckline is trimmed with dark gold metallic lace. The front insert is made of dotted pink tulle lace. The bodice is lined with cotton and has a hidden front hook and eye closure. The bodice has a pleated hip peplum. The skirt has a long back train. The skirt is lined with cotton. The dress is in very good and sturdy condition. There are a few tiny age marks, some breaks in the net lace, a small missing section to the waistband and stress wear at the edge of the back hemline. (See photos. Bust 34 Waist 26 Front skirt length 44 Back length 58.

From Me:

1891 Fashion Plate

This dress still has some of the left over styling from the bustle era but is clearly moving into the Leg o mutton sleeve era. I believe it's from about 1891/1892 based on the shape and styling.

Personally, I can't decide if I like it or hate it. The color clash is terrible despite that I like each fabric independently - I'd never put those two together. However, it seems to work somehow and I'm not sure how. ...I also want to make really cool looking wall panels out of that brocade...


  1. I wonder if the cut velvet (brocade?) was taken from an 1880s bustle gown, it seems to fit that era.

    1. If you look closely at the fashion plate, you'll notice the black portions of the dress have a very similar pattern to the extant dress. Fabric design didn't change quite as much as fashion did - particularly in what really was only a few short years.

    2. Ah - I can't blow it up big enough to see it that well, I had taken those bits to be embroidered or beaded (especially due to the irregular edge of the "lapel" pieces). It is a very short time after bustle, I agree, and I'm sure fabrics already in stores weren't just tossed out, too :-)