Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1920's Peachy Pink and Teal Dress

From the seller:

This dress is absolutely stunning. I wish it were perfect.
There are currently two small shreds in the chiffon. One at the underarm and one at the neck. They might be able to be stabilized but i don't know for sure.
The tears occurred when I put the dress on the mannequin.
Since those two areas have given way I can only guess that the dress is fragile.
The embroidery is perfect. The pleated skirt is beautiful too.
Truly worth saving.
Due to the fragile nature of this garment it is a final sale with no returns.
Bust size maximum of 34. Would not recommend it to be worn socially.

From Me:
I think the buttons were added later but the dress itself is very much in keeping with the 1920's.

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