Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1810's Short Sleeved Spencer Worn Later as Fancy Dress

From the seller:

This vest has a stamp that says:

SS & P or R CO
4 K

20 inches armpit to armpit.

16 inches top seam to bottom.

Vintage used condition.

Has slits on front velvet

Underarm seams need stitching.

Bottom seam is worn out.


This listing is for a stunning woman's vest from a traditional folk costume. Very well made using high-quality materials and braid decoration with tassels. It is coming institched under the armpit.

Some of the velvet is ripped and shoulder metallic braided trim is lose. The braiding on the rest of the vest is well stitched and in good, sturdy condition.

The stitching around the neck and on some of the bottom of the vest is worn and fringed.

Please see all pictures as they are part of description. I am not sure of true origin so item is no longer listed as antique or museum quality.

Stunning piece!

From Me:

If you look closely at the photos, the stamp is on the underarm protectors. The protectors are frequently in older garments because the garment was reused later as a fancy dress or a costume for some ball/play/ect. I'm pretty sure that's all we are seeing here. The spencer itself is hand sewn - notice the whip stitch along the neckline. The trim looks to be real metal and the typical ball fringe that was popular in the 1810's. The cut is also consistent with other 1810's garments.

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  1. Fasacinating piece! Great to see more of the construction through the damage. :-)