Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day! 1920's Spring Dress

From the seller:

o Die For exceptional old and original flapper inspired Victorian or Edwardian party or lawn or ?? dress from around the turn of the century. The lace is like gossamer wings along with fabulous cutwork lace alternating from top to bottom and a band of hand made silk roses and flowers around the waist. I have never seen a dress so original and intact with such minimal amount of damage or repairs. I reviewed the pics and the reason for the revision is because this dress looked so dead and unalive in the pics actually its a vibrant but subtle peach color that is wonderful. My pics make it look like it went thru the wringer in the bleach cycle. Believe me it is fabulous....I took several pics so magnify for detail and the only damage or wear I could find is right at the top back where the patterned lace is so delicate and maybe a half dozen tiny to small holes here and there but are so insignificant they do not detract from the original and the sheer beauty of this fabulous textile. It has a built in silk underslip. It is very small measuring just 13 inches across the shoulders with a small 34 inch bust and a drop waist. It is 42 inches long. Although the fabric is very strong I would recommend wearing only on a very special occasion as it is truly a 100 year old textile only to be worn by someone who knows how to handle something of such a delicate nature.

From Me:

I'm calling this "What to do with those old petticoat trims" because that is what this is made out of. If anyone else has ummm...way too much petticoat yardage? You may want to consider this 1920's beauty.

Also, as a side note, I finally got up my article on Victorian and Edwardian Bathing suits on my personal site. Feel free to ask questions but, I will warn you, it's a long read. So, grab a cup of something (my choice was mead) and read through it.

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