Friday, May 20, 2016

Teen's Era Dinner Dress

From the seller:

dress lace beaded Edwardian white pearl chiffon evening wedding antique 1900

Antique Edwardian Chantilly lace, chiffon, and pearl dress
1. antique original nor reproduction
2. very nice condition
3. one lace underarm is torn, about 4 in. tear, easy fix
4. no other tears, or holes
5. clean not stained, no underarm stains
6. net lace under blouse snaps down from
7. front over lap has hidden snaps down right side
8. inside wide ribbon tape waist band has hooks
9. pearls are all secure, I believe none are missing
10. dress is sturdy and can be worn
11. pearl sewn on by hand
12. dress is completely hand stitched, no sewing machine stitching
1. across shoulders 13 in.
2. bust 34 in.
3. sleeves 14 in.
4. waist 24 in.
5. hips 54 in. plus
6. length from shoulder 46 in.
7. shoulder to waist 14 in.
8. around the bottom 84 in.
Stunning, beautifully made, quality workmanship
Priority shipping in US

From Me:

Again, sellers, don't put "wedding" in unless you can document it was a wedding gown. White does not mean wedding - I've mentioned before that I wore a white lace dress to my prom, does that mean it's a wedding gown? I certainly hope not! /facepalm

1916 Fashion Plate by the House of Worth

The sleeves, the way the bodice has that one piece extending towards the right, the length, and even the neckline are all very much mid Teen's fashion, not Edwardian.

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