Friday, May 27, 2016

Late Edwardian Red Dress

From the seller:

Antique Victorian 19th c. 1900's Vibrant Ruby Red Velvet, Wool, & Lace Scalloped Shawl Collar Walking Dress Set!

- Great Wide Scalloped Edging on Bodice & Skirt w/Ruffled Trim, Very Full Bustle-Back Skirt!

Full description & condition below following photos:

*** My dress form is a bit too big for the bodice, so it wouldn't connect all the way with the skirt. - The skirt is a separate piece though and nothing is wrong with it, so it would meet up perfectly on a mannequin with a shorter torso or slightly smaller bust circumference!

From Me:

Dear Seller,

You were most likely born in the 20th century. You are living in the 21st century. Your birth year most likely begins with "19". A century lasts for 100 years. Ergo, anything that begins with "19" is from the 20th Century.

I know many people also confuse the whole Victorian/Edwardian. It's really simple. Queen Victoria died in 1901. Therefore, anything before that year is Victorian. Anything after it is Edwardian. Since there was no year 0, anything from Jan 1901 to Dec 2000 is an entire 100 years and therefore, the 20th Century.

No love,

Why is this do difficult? I was /headdesking the other day (and complained to the BBC where I first saw the article) about an article regarding the last person from the 19th century passing away. Oh really? There isn't anyone from before December 1900? The new century wasn't celebrated until Jan 1, 1901. Seriously. Some people quipped on Jan 1, 2000 that the 20th century was the shortest century on the record books - unfortunately, it went over too many people's heads.


Anyway, this dress is from the 20th century, late 1900's - about 1908 give or take a year. What I like about this one is you can easily see it's two pieces that, when together and with a sash, would look like one dress.  However, the seller deleted a lot of the photos of the dress immediately following the auction so I only have this one photo saved.

1908 Photograph

1908 Fashion Plate

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