Monday, June 3, 2013

1770's Stays in blue

From the seller:

Rare indigo dyed linen ladies stays dating to the 18thc. With remains of the orginal front v lacings also dyed in indigo. With damage and loss's, interesting because you can really see interior construction and materials including the baleen stays. As you see it. Measures lying flat waist level is 23", height at back 16" in front 14".

I will be listing more from this Vermont museum deaccession plus other early things from Boston area estate.

From Me:
Although these are in atrocious condition, there is still a lot that can be learned from them. Construction: Reeds, sewn into tight channels. The outer fabric looks like an indigo dyed linen, the inner fabric looks to be a course linen weave with a finer lining of linen added once the stays were complete. The faux lacing front probably was meant to be seen and this was worn under another jacket or gown with an open front.

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