Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frothy Edwardian Summer Dress

From the seller:

ANTIQUE DRESS 1900 Fine Tea Gown Museum De-accession Edwardian 2 PIECE SET

The set has been cleaned since picture so very nice and fresh. It is wearable.


Please remember items that are vintage or used are not always perfect and this should be taken into consideration when bidding.

IMPORTANT !!!!!!! PLEASE read entire Description & Instructions before bidding! FYI, Unless otherwise stated, all measurements are in Inches.

1900 Fine Cream Cotton Tea gown Museum De-accession Edwardian: This Edwardian tea gown was made just after the turn of the 1900's. It is made of fine cream cotton and is trimmed in silk satin ribbon.
The skirt has a built in petticoat with two tiers of under ruffles, which are each trimmed with two rows of silk ribbon. The over skirt has swag ruffles that are also trimmed in silk ribbon. The waist of the skirt is 27 and the length is 38. The skirt has a few pinholes hard to see. See photos. The bodice has a bust of 32 and a waist of 26. There is one wear hole about 1/2 inch square on the back. The cotton is still soft and pliable. The back has 16 hooks and fasteners. The dress is wearable. This has the gathered bodice that was made in a pigeon style. The 2 pc. dress is from the Gibson Girl period. The dress has been cleaned after pictures so very crisp and nice. This garment was part of a museum de-accession auction that I attended this last year.

From Me:

No, it is not wearable. Also, the pillow up the back? Why? You know it's Edwardian....


  1. ROFL! I looked at that pillow and wondered if she knew her silhouettes. A bustle?!?! Not!

    Without that distraction, it would be a gorgeous dress.

    1. It's absolutely lovely from the straight front but the pillow makes it look frumpy, to my eye.

  2. Aside from the seller not knowing what he/she is doing this is probably my all time favorite Edwardian piece you have ever posted! Thank you so much! Frothy is exactly the word. Do you mind if I save a couple of these photos on my computer to try to re-make it?

    1. The photos belong to the seller (Actually, they belong to ebay if anyone actually read the fine print) but feel free to download them to your computer for research purposes. That is the intention of this blog. :-D

      Do you mind when you do make it (even if it's several years from now!) posting a link here to your own creation? I'd love to see how it comes out and I'm sure others would be interested as well.

    2. I would absolutely post pictures and maybe even (GASP) blog about the process!