Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plaid Late 1870's Outfit

From the seller:

small vintage Victorian fitted bodice & skirt outfit
sturdy plaid fabric
bodice completely lined with tan cotton
down slope shoulders measure 14" across
a couple of stains on front bodice
11 faded crocheted covered buttons
stress on fabric near the button at the waist
gathered ruffle on bodice and sleeve edges
sleeves are made of 2 sections into a J or hook shape
puffy sleeve cap made of a faille drapery like fabric and is highly faded
very light perspiration discoloration only visible on lining
bust 28"
waist 23"
sleeve length 19"
25" wide pieced belt lined and trimmed with thin velvet ribbon
& has a piece of boning to keep the points from curling

skirt has a narrow 23" waistband with a seam that has come apart
closes with a hook and eye which can be adjusted a bit and a deep placket opening
large box pleat in front and several pleats in the center back
some small brown spots on front and back
faded trim and bottom ruffle
ruffle lined in black cotton and 8" tan cotton lining on lower part of skirt
skirt length 28"
mostly good condition except for the heavy fading of the green fabric & buttons

must have been for a very slim young girl

From Me:

This serves to remind us that not all ladies followed fashion. Some tried to create it on their own....

Based on the length of the bodice and the narrowness of the skirt, I'm thinking late 1870's/Natural Form on this one.

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