Thursday, June 27, 2013

Natural Form Cream Dress

From the seller:

From a private collection of Victorian Clothing is a wonderful Victorian Wedding Dress/Day After Dress with Train. This is really a beauty. Reminds me of Scarlet's Dress made from drapes. I have loaded lots of pictures for your viewing. As with anything of this age there is some signs of the times but this is really a wonderful find. Estate find being sold as is and as found. Please ask questions before bidding.

Condition. I have looked over this wonderful dress and wanted to list what I found. There is some fraying on the front and underarms. The flounce pieces at the front hem line will need to be repaired. There has been a repair with a iron on patch/fusing piece. There is some wear but as you can see in the pictures this is a awesome find I have pictures of some of these if anyone would like them emailed to them. This is a very beautiful and very heavy dress .

AUCTION IS FOR DRESS ONLY. If someone is interested in the dress form you can contact me concerning it but this is ONLY FOR THE DRESS.

From Me:

I wish the seller included measurements but, alas, no. This is dress is Natural Form, late 1870's, but elements of it harken back to the late 17th C (the way the skirt is piled in the back). Very cool! It was also popular in the 1870's and 1880's to reproduce antique garments with a twist. Hmm...sounds like what we do today. ;-)

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