Monday, June 3, 2013

1870's Rasberry Red Silk Dress

From the seller:

Charming rosey mauve iredescent silk 3 piece gown dating to the late 1860-70's. Bodice lined in brown cotton, with cute velvet covered ball buttons, sawtooth details and repeated on overskirt, oversized piping on sleeves with hand white work bells. Overskirt with interior tapes to bring up polonaise, sawtooth hem, tidy cartridge pleating back of skirt, hand stitching original hardware. In overall good antique condition with the edging of the collar coming off, and a bit of the shoulder seams coming out at neckline, fading to overskirt only in the folds. Uncleaned as found. Chest measures 32", waist 20", length of bodice 15", Length of skirt 40" in front and 43" at the back.

I have more 19thc gowns that I will be listing in the next few weeks!

From Me:

I apologize for not posting lately. I no longer have internet at work (I'm not in trouble or anything, just don't have the systems at my new desk!) which makes it very hard to post. I hope to have a new computer at home soon.

This dress is more or less likely 1870's based upon the waistline and the bustle back.

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