Monday, June 16, 2014

1840's Ball Gown

From the seller:

a victorian ballgown in pink silk, doesn't it sound like a dream come true?
Unfortunately, even if this one looks fantastic on the pictures, it still has some flaws and is not perfect!
All hand stitched with piped seams, it has a classical pattern with very interesting pleated sleeve details.
The silk is strong with no wear or major damage, but...:
-there is a bit of staining to the lower front (see last picture and picture 4)
-the right armpit has some staining and has per consequence some nibbled spots and holes (see picture)
-3 top hooks are missing in the back (see picture)
-some tiny moth bites to the skirt (see pictures of front)
-last but not least: the silk has faint overall fading allong the folds of the skirt and is a bit shiny, as if washed or ironed a bit too hot.
My project was to cover this with a draped layer of pink muslin stitched along the seams but meanwhile I found a similar one,
so it will be yours to decide!

waist : 11"
total length : 51"
armpit to armpit : 16 "

shoulder to waist : 11"

please ask for more pictures.

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From Me:

It's the sleeves that gave this one away. Early 1840's.

Just cut off the bottom part of the sleeves on the dress turned away from us and you pretty much have this dress.

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