Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1910's Sheer Dress with Sparklies!!!!

From the seller:

I am offering at auction for the first time one of my favorite Heirloom Pieces, an Exquisite and Rare Antique French Wedding Dress from circa the Early 1900's. possibly Earlier! Rich in Details, Silk Long Train with gauzy crepe inside, also the same silk on the belted area, So Ethereal and soft Gauzy crepe throughout, with fabulous beaded details, I have added the pointed gaze lace around the bodice area, it is not attached, but could be added to the auction if you would prefer, if you win the auction., or I can remove it, as you see in the other pictures, that piece is un blemished. the Lace backdrop, This is a Vintage Clothing Collectors Dream, would be a Lovely Accent to your Home D├ęcor, I wouldn't suggest it to be worn, as it is very delicate, but not falling apart, yet I would suggest or display only! This kind of Find comes along only a few times in my 40 years of Collecting in America and Europe, Most are in Museums! Don't Miss Out on this one, I will ship to Europe through Global Shipping!

From Me:

Probably mid 1910's.


  1. WOW this seller really overuses the comma...10 in just one sentence!