Thursday, June 26, 2014

Probable 1930's Civil War Costume

From the seller:

What an amazing gown, it is in a wearable condition and great size, and near mint condition.


2 pieces, the bodice and the skirt, which button together.

The bodice is lined, has underarm protectors with printing that is unreadable. There is whale boning for structure.

Stunning Metallic plaid fabric in pale gold and blue/grey. This fabric is amazing. Heavy, without shredding or tearing. We found 3 teeny holes hiding in the pleats at the back. No other damage.

It looks like it is to be worn off the shoulder.


The bust has a 40" circumference

20" shoulder to shoulder,

12 1/2" deep in the front top to the bottom at waist, the back is 10" long

16" c Arm Pit

11" long sleeves, these look like they could be puffed up or gathered?

Lushly gathered, the skirt is 43 1/2" long with a 30" waist. The skirt is unlined. (We display it with a hoop skirt/slip under it, not included)

Totally wearable. Strong and well constructed.

Near mint as you can get with this era! There is one slightly loose button, three tiny rice size holes on the back skirt, one small hole on the inside top lining with a few spots (only on the inside lining), and one tiny seam opening. photo'd

Museum quality. An amazing gown to wear, display or add to a civil war collection.

From Me:

My *guess* is late 1930's, early 1940's - right after Gone with the Wind but before rationing. The cut of the waistline - gently curved-, the cut of the shoulders - off shoulder rather than sloped, and the mid-centurish looking buttons on the back all indicate a costume rather than the real thing. Old doesn't mean authentic.

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