Monday, June 16, 2014

Natural Form Dress

From the seller:

Tonight is my celebration of elegance and femininity. A night filled with victorian dolls, ephemra, quilts and dresses...did I mention dolls? .... without delay....ENJOY!

This aution offers a antique 1880's lace brocade and silk ladies ball gown or wedding dress. Even with the abundant wear you can tell this was once a very special dress. Perfect for study or pattern. Outstanding design and fabrics. Tio is buttery silk with moon lace for ruffle and sleeves. Hook and eye closures along with glass blown buttons down front. Elaborate and asymetrical waist with heavily pleated skirt and brocade front panle with box pleats. This dress has it al, lace, brocade pleats... l..(now I sound like Stephan) Bustle back. 3/4 lace sleeves. Museum deaccession. Much wear as ahown, splits and loss to fabrics, tears to lace, fragile and some discolorations. Measures 53" long, 16" shoulder to shoulder, 17" sleeve, 28" bust, 20" waist and 38" hips. Enjoy!

From Me:

Probably for a young miss given the measurements. Maybe a Debutante gown?

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