Saturday, June 7, 2014

American Civil War Era Bodice with Wild Print

From the seller:

There are at least three different patterns in the lightweight wool print fabric in this 1850s bodice. The bell sleeves have a partial flounce trimmed along the edge with red and black, silk fringed ribbon. The body or corsage is lined in brown sturdy twilled cotton and the sleeves are lined in lightweight brown cotton. It fastened up the front with 10 black and brown covered ball buttons (only 5 remain).
It is boned in the side seams and the center back. It appears it was boned in the two pairs of bust darts, but the piping below them has been unpicked and they are now missing.

Measurements: Bust: 32 inches (81 cm), Waist: 26 inches (66 cm)

From Me:

...Does the print remind anyone else of early 1990's Airplane seats? ...Just sayin'....

Oh, and it's 1860's, not 1850's. The way the sleeves are shaped and the lack of a point indicate an early 1860's date.


  1. The fabric looks like something I wore in the 1960s! Amazing how fashion comes around again. :-)

    That was a wild airplane you rode on! I can only remember plain tans.


      This was very similar to the completely insane airplane seats I remember.