Sunday, June 29, 2014

1870's Bustle Dress

From the seller:

1870's Brown & Golden Promenade Ensemble Dress: This dress was created in the early 1870's. It is made in two pieces. The skirt and the bodice. The skirt has a waist of 28, length of 40, and it is 148 inches around the bottom. The bodice has a bust of 34 and a waist of 25. This dress has seen better days. It is in very rough condition. The threads are starting to give way because of the age. The silk around the waist band of the skirt is very damaged. See photos. I pinned it to the form while I was photographing it. The lining of the skirt is shattering and brittle around the top of the inside, but it is not so bad on the rest of the lining. The bodice has some of the buttons missing, and some of the buttons that are still there are missing their silk covers. As you can see in the photos the silk of the sleeves is very damaged. This would never be wearable. The inside lining of the bodice is in good shape. See photos. The lining of the sleeves is very damaged, and missing in some places. With extensive conservation you might be able to display it with a shawl draped over the shoulders to hide the sleeve damage. It would be great for inspiration or pattern making. Much of the fabric is still soft and supple and could be used for French fashion doll clothing. There are some bows or decorations of some sort missing off the back of the bodice. The silk fringe is wonderful.

From Me:

....why on God's green Earth would you even *consider* taking this apart for doll clothing?!?

Anyway, this is over an incorrect hoop for the era. Probably about 1874 or so.

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