Saturday, December 20, 2014

1870's Hoop

From the seller:

This Civil War era hoop skirt is made from wires, it has a great shape that curves out at the bottom and is more oval than round. The webbing is all in good condition, just one small place it was replaced below the waist in back, the wires were wrapped with fabric and some of the fabric has worn away, but this is very minor. It has a heavier hoop at the bottom. It measures for a 22 and 23 1/4 inch waist, it's 29 1/4 inches long in front and dips longer in back and it's 115 inches around the bottom circumference.

From Me:

I'm not sure why the seller believes this is from the Civil War era. Based on how narrow it looks, I'm curious if it's actually Natural Form rather than first Bustle. (They would have worn a separate bustle with it.)  It's about mid 1870's either way - right around the change from Bustle to Natural form.


  1. Hey, didn't you know? A hoop skirt HAS to be from the civil war. LOL!

    I love the way this one is constructed.

    1. Lol! Silly me. Here I thought we had hoops off and on since the age of the minotaur! ;-)

  2. I love your comments, spot on as usual!