Monday, December 29, 2014

Trippy Men's Bayan Coat

From the seller:

Up for autions is this incredible men's early paisley coat/robe/bayan/jacket circa 19th century. The jacket is a very early grand style, featuring a gorgeous Russian paisley fabric, high collar, wide lapels, long cuffed sleeves, and back neck detail. The front has an intricate double breasted closure detail with 8 paisley ties coming out of 8 paisley diamonds that can be tied in a number of different ways or left hanging with the jacket open. The jacket is lined with a different pattern paisley with an incredible double swirl. The coat is in incredible condition for the age with one tiny period patch by the ties, one small period darn on the sleeve, one small spot of wear near the bottom and some slight general wear. A nice piece of early menswear.


Chest: 22 inches across
Length (Back of Collar to Bottom of Hem): 55 inches
Shoulder Seam to End of Cuff: 26 inches
Label: N/A
Fabric: Wool Paisley

From Me:

I admit, I'm not sure when this is from exactly. It's a bayan/banyan/banyon/ect alright but from when exactly is a bit of a problem. These were popular from the 18th Century well into the 19th Century. This one, I *think* is from the 1850's but I could be very wrong on that. The colors and decorations just look too trippy too be earlier - I swear if I look at the inside of this coat too long it makes me dizzy- and the cut looks similar to ones from about that date.

Here's one at the V&A that has the two front ties like this one does (Even the V&A gives a couple of decades because - with these- it's so hard to tell!)

Oh, and sorry to those of you that get this on a feed. I wanted to save as many of the shots as I could.


  1. Not sure if I love or hate this... I think I'm settling on "awesome".

    1. I think it needs a lava lamp next to it for it's full affect - and to totally warp with everyone's linear timeline thinking...

    2. Right! Oh - I know what it needs: a TARDIS! The next Dr Who *needs* one of these.

    3. ya know, it has been a while since the good Doctor went to visit his friends in late Victorian England. I'm thinking he needs a pair of lime green suspenders as well - just to make it a true Doctor outfit...