Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blue 1870's Dress

From the seller:

Nice old dress in not such nice condtion! A tealy blue skirt and bodice. The fabric is stained and old but has some interesting features. at some point supenders were added? This came from an estate with clothes dating to the 1840's, not sure about the date on this. Could be something that was reworked?

Please see all the images and don’t hesitate to ask question.


Skirt: 24”
Bodice:23 ¾”
Bodice bust: 34”
Length: 42”
Length of back 72”
Sleeves: 15”
Across the top of the shoulders: 18”

From Me:

I would *love* to see this displayed properly with a bustle.


  1. Drool, drool, more drool! Even badly displayed, I love it!

    We need to donate a decent bustle to these vendors. ;-)

    1. Heck, putting a small pillow - or even a bunch of plastic bags inside one another- would help!