Saturday, December 20, 2014

Natural Form Dress

From the seller:

This is a gorgeous one piece formal gown or perhaps a wedding dress. The dress is made with a very light sage green silk with an ecru lace trim - very elaborate. It has a train and a bustle. This dress has a hook and eye closure and small buttons with 6 stays at the waist.

The measurements are as follows:

13" across the shoulders

63" from the neck edge to the floor.

23" waist

This dress is very old and the fabric has started to disintegrate as you can see in the pictures.

Thanks for looking!

From Me:

Despite the splitting silk, you can tell this was quite the stunner in its day. To me, it doesn't look like it has a bustle - it looks like it was supposed to lay flat as your bum can get in the back but with the sides pulled back. This is pretty common in natural form era dresses.


  1. Gorgeous dress! I adore this era. Too bad the bustle-free fashions only lasted two or three years. (And this from a gal who loves bustles. :-)

    1. 1876-1882 was when they were "fashionable". Like any fashion, ladies continued to wear the dresses once they were passé unless you were a fashion follower. So, you can get away with wearing the style for a pretty decent chunk of time for a single fashion.