Saturday, December 20, 2014

Early Edwardian Crazy Print Shirtwaist

From the seller:

A gorgeous antique 1800s bodice but it's in poor condition. When shown on the mannequin you just don't see the damage but when you look closely, there's several holes along the front of the waist where it may have been belted and when looking on the underside of the silk fabric, there's several places with mending tape. Also, there's a tear above one of the cuffs but it could be easily mended. The blouse has a large cape collar with wide honey comb lace and lace on the over the hand cuffs. There's an under blouse with button closures and the sleeves are lined.
VINTAGE ~ ~ 1800s


FABRIC ~~ Silk print with a satin stripe.

MEASUREMENTS ~ ~~ 23" length in front, 21 1/2" length on the sides, 19" length in back, 35" bust, 15" across the shoulder seams, 22 1/2" sleeve length not counting the 3 1/2" wide lace on the cuffs.

CONDITION ~ ~ Poor condition but would be great for display as the damage doesn't really show unless you look closely.

From Me:

Woah. This is completely amazing. I want to recreate it and wear a bright pink skirt with it. It has the pigeon front and the collar is more 1900's than late 1890's - as are the sleeves. I love that it has my favorite colors (aqua!!!!!), shiny stripes, and a completely insane print.

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