Saturday, December 6, 2014

Plaid American Civil War Era Dress

From the seller:

antique satin or silk? victorian plaid
.. victorian plaid..
.. cotton..
great for a collector..
wonderful antique fabric..
55" long.. 28" waist.. 24" arm.. and 14" armpit to armpit

lovely fringed ornate . dress.. so wonderful.. has a tear that can be sewn..

From Me:

Silk is a fiber. Satin is a weave. Something could be both satin and silk - although this looks to be taffeta to me. Something could also be a satin but not a silk - like the poly I used to line to my Christmas dress. I've noticed that this is a common issue - there is a pin going around on pinterest that confuses weave, fiber, and what is considered "natural" and not.

It looks like this was originally an 1850's dress remade in the 1860's.

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