Friday, June 5, 2015

1830's Brocade Dress

From the seller:

Thanks for looking at this stunning ladies day dress.
• international buyers this dress will be shipped through global shipping. I can control pricing so please bid accordingly, thank you
• this dress is very stunning with the fabric of feeling of silk. I am not an expert on fabric but it feels very silky.
• The top is off the shoulders and has I think you call it piping around and at the mid point there is tuffing and then they tapper off at the bottom.
• The dress may have a pin hole here or there and maybe some dirt? but very very lovely. I have not cleaned or pressed it.
• The closures are at thread type eye and a hook, with two string ties at the waist with hook and eye. The same closures are on the front bust area.
• The underside lining needs a few stitches it looks like but by no means is it distracting to this dress.
• please see all pictures and ask questions as there is no refunds or returns. Please keep watching.

From Me:

It looks like there have been some later "fixes" or alterations, however, overall, the dress looks pretty much like it would have back in 1836/1837. It reminds me a bit of this dress.

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