Monday, June 22, 2015

Teen's Era Lace Dress with Original Kelley Green Underdress!

From the seller:

Dynamic 1918 Green Silk & Incredible Lace Dinner Gown: This gown would have been the perfect dress to host an evening dinner in you castle in Europe in the late 1910's. It is made of lace applique and soutache on a net ground. It has an almost electric green silk taffeta underskirt. The bust is 36, the waist is 28 and the skirt length is 33. It would not be wearable because the green silk is shattering. The netting is discolored with age and has spots and some small holes. It has a musty old smell. The lace appliqu├ęs on the shoulders are loose and are pinned on. The right sleeve needs to be tacked back on one side. What a great piece for inspiration. If you cleaned the lace and replaced the silk you could wear the gown. With an ivory silk under slip it would make a stellar wedding gown. Use another color and you would have the perfect gown to wear to a Downton Abbey party.

From Me:

/facepalm. Yes, let's wear 100 year old lace dresses and see how long they last! Besides the fact that you'd be ruining a dress for future generations to learn from, you'd also be naked by the end of the evening. Nothing disintegrates faster than 100 year old silk net.

Based on the waistline, I'd say this is more 1911/1912 than 1918.

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