Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pastel Colored Wedding Gown 1883

From the seller:

This is the wedding dress of Laura Hall on her wedding day in 1883. Her wedding photo is included with this incredibly beautiful silk and lace dress and a Bow which was in storage with the dress. She and her husband George who is in the photo, lived in Northfield Mass. There is a current separate listing of leather gloves and 2nd bonnet which also go with the dress. The victorian dress is rare because it is colored. It is elegant pale green, with a silky shine, lace is all in good condition on sleeves, skirt and waist of jacket. Interior skirt lining very good condition as is jacket lining and all the lace is good condition but aged color.There is a bow belt included with the dress. Color is exceptionally pretty mint green and may not come out a bit washed out in some of the photos. Although most of the dress as mentioned is in good antique condition there are some delicate spots and small holes and some small stains on the dress (ask for further photos if you like).There is a loose button and hole where it came off on bodice jacket (see photo). Bustle is damaged and most seriously on right back side where it is shredded (see photo). There is also ripping on right and left sides of waistband (see photo). Armholes are damaged and some smaller tears on shoulders above the armholes. Extraordinary workmanship of the pintucking in this dress is exampled in the hem. The hem is in great condition except for one spot about two inches where it has become separated and can be easily re sewn (ask for photo). Since the bride's photo is in black and white we miss seeing the true nature of Mrs. Hall's stunning beautifully colored wedding dress which was obviously very special in it's time. The photo of her has the name information written on the back by her daughter from Northfield Mass. I am listing the accessories of Mrs. Hall's dress separately which include bonnet, gloves. Ask for more photos and dress details and please look closely at photos for described conditions.

From Me:

I know the seller says it's mint colored but I can't for the life of me see anything other than baby blue. Blue makes sense for a wedding gown - it was the traditional color for Catholic weddings since blue is the color of Mary. Women would wear blue to honor her. It's why we still have the "something blue" for weddings. It might be mint though; I'm really not sure. Anyone want to vote for what color it is?

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