Monday, June 15, 2015

Tangzhuang Ladies Jacket In Blue

From the seller:

Simply AMAZING!! We found this and other items while doing some treasure hunting. I will be listing these amazing finds here on ebay for the next couple of days.

This jacket has two tie buttons on the front with two tight balls of silk as the buttons that are very much intact. The jacket is really blue in color with an array of different hand sewn silk flowers and different shapes thru out the item. The work on this is amazing to think one did this by hand. The item is real soft, silk, but the flowers and such are a different "spin" of silk, dealer/collector told me the facts on these items. The shirt is free from any damage besides some dirt/stains on mostly the inside of the jacket. The silk flowerets and shapes are very much intact with very minimal damage. This is truly a very rare and treasured item, it is amazing in workmanship and the condition being 100 years old!!

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed seeing these rare and beautiful finds! It is amazing that all this was done by hands long ago!!

From Me:

The easiest way to date this for Western eyes is by looking at that gold rose trim around the edges. :-) This is Late Qing Dynasty or, in Western timing, Edwardian. You can read a bit about the Tangzhuang through the link. I'm honestly surprised this survived - many, many things associated with traditional Chinese culture were destroyed in the revolution.

The gentleman in the center left has a similar jacket on.

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