Friday, November 23, 2012

1850's Ball Gown Bodice

From the seller:

I have a rare corset found in a trunk which was packed in 1860. Front has a 3 inch tear. Great display piece. Fabric feels like raw silk with cotton lining. One hook is missing, also the string used to tie is not there. Some browning and a hole under one arm. This is over 150 yrs old and amazing for its age. I think this is a piece of a wedding attire, since it is off white silk. A very good study piece.

I have several pieces from this trunk , will be listing them tonight.

Thank you

From Me:

Yeah, not a corset. *sigh*

Anyway, this one threw me for a bit. The detailing on the front is very 1850's into the 1860's but the shoulders are very 1840's. However, the lowered shoulders continues into the 1850's and there are a few pieces in various museums that have this exact over all cut that are said to be 1850's so...we're going with 1850's.


  1. I actually bought this one! I just did a pretty extensive post about it's construction. Take a peek :)


    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for the link and for the tons of pictures. They help out so much in figuring out the construction and I would have never guessed about the straight pin. Oh well, we still do that! It's not garb unless it's pinned somewhere. ;-)