Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fortuny Gown

From the seller:



Enough Said...


Layaway Is Available To All

Approx Size - One Size

VERY Approx Inches :

Bustline 40-50

Waistline 40-50

Hipsline 40-50

Length 56

Pullover Access

The Condition For Its Age (Around A Century Old!) Is Pretty Good

There Are Imperfections :

The Color Is Not Perfectly Even But Very Minor


Obvious Only If The Pleats Are Stretched

There Are Two Tiny Holes At The Very Bottom Of The Dress


The Pleats Are A Bit Undone At The Lower Part Of The Back But Nothing Major

The Thin Cord With The Beads Is A Bit Undone In A Few Places (Pic)


Can Be Fixed By A Professional

Despite Those Imperfections The Dress Is In A Pretty Good Wearable Condition


Any Woman Would Be Thrilled To Wear It


Vintage Is A Great Investment Into

Your Looks,

Your Career,

Your Romance

Your Finance


Even The Environment

Things Of Splendor

Wishes You To Have Fun Whatever You Do

From Me:

First, a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and not trying not to kill their relatives and eating a lot of yummy yummy food. I've been snaking on the dressing/stuffing that I made this morning. It's way too good to just sit there until the bird is done. ;-)

Second, I have for you today a very special gown. You can read up on fortuny gowns here at the FIDM blog. I've rarely seen one for sale outside of Christies. Very fascinating!

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