Friday, November 23, 2012

American Civil War Era Dress

From the seller:

This incredible dress is made of rose madder changeable brocade silk . It’s a one piece gown that originally was a bodice and skirt set. The bodice has dropped shoulders and is piped along the armsyces, waist and neck. The lining is brown cotton and all the hooks and eyes are original. It looks like there were darts at one time, but they have been let out, likely to make the dress fit a slightly bigger woman. The sleeves are that incredible bell shape, so often seen during its period. The skirt is gathered to the waistband. Again, it looks like it was let out slightly for accommodate the slightly bigger lady. If you look closely at the hem, there are signs that it may have been previously bound with some type of wool tape. All the sewing on this dress was definitely done by hand. That includes the modifications.

Structurally is the silk is very good. It seems strong and supple. But you can see it has been well worn, without looking worn out. There is a barely noticeable little sun fading.

I would not suggest that this piece be worn, but that is my opinion only. A piece this age, in this good s condition could easily be displayed.

Nonetheless, the measurements are about bust 32inches, waist 28inches, length 54inches and hem circumference 120inches.

From Me:

Yes, the seller has it displayed backwards.

I'm going with very late 1850's/early 1860's on this one due to the waist shape and sleeves. I think that rather than being changed to accommodate a slightly larger lady that it was changed to accommodate the change in styles. So, it was probably originally a 1850's dress that was re cut to follow the styles at the start of the American Civil War.

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