Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stunning 1840's Wedding Dress

From the seller:

We have up for auction an Authentic 1840's Wedding Dress.

We acquired this Dress at an Estate Auction.

It had a card attached to it that read
"Wedding dress of Nancy Pyle who united in Marriage to John Piper in Carslie, PA in 1840.
She was the Mother of the late Katherine Piper of Lacon, IL.
"The card will go with the Dress".

Through our research, we found that John Piper was born in Cumberland County, PA in 1816 & Married Nancy Pyle in 1843. She passed away in 1851 leaving behind 2 Children, Catherine & John.
In 1852, he moved to Lacon, IL.
In 1856 he Married Adda E Eapy

We are not experts on antique clothing, so I will do the
best I can on describing it.

The color of the dress closely resembles a
Light Sage Green.

I do believe the material is Possibly Silk.
It has a V waist Bodice.
It has boning down the center of the V,
it starts about 5" from the neckline to the
bottom of the V.
It has looped fringe around both sleeves &
down the front of the skirt.
The strip (part with the looped fringe down both sides) down the front of the skirt
part, is separately attached.
The bodice is lined, however I am not sure
what kind of material it is.
You can see some of it in our photos showing
the hooks & eyes.
It has a facing around the hem, as
shown in photo above.

The dress measures as follows.
20" across the back of the shoulders.
6 1/2" from neckline to shoulder.
23" from shoulder to end of sleeve.
21" from arm pit to end of sleeve.
The upper sleeve measures about 11" in diameter
The cuff is about 6 3/4" around,
14" from shoulder to waist.
Skirt is about 42" from waist to hem on front & back.
The bust measures about 33".
The waist measures about 27" around.
The bottom of the skirt measures about 100" around.

The dress was too small for my dress form.

We did try to put a hoop skirt under the dress, but
the one I have, was too big.
We learned from a fellow Ebayer that hoop skirts were not used in this time period and that is why it did not fit.

From Me:

I love the details on this wedding dress! The buttons, the fringe on the sleeves, the details on the bodice - it's all amazing.

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