Saturday, January 25, 2014

1840's Dress remade into the 1860's

From the seller:

This auction is for a most magnificent genuine 1860's Civil War era dress. This elegant antique dress is hand sewn with the most beautiful changeable silk fabric. Floral patterned blue to cinnamon silk in excellent condition. Fully lined in polished cotton. Sweeping pagoda sleeves with striking 1.25 inch wide striped blue & cinnamon silk ribbon. Cartridge pleating found just off the shoulders and below the waist offering the typical fullness needed for hoop skirts and bustle. The underskirts edge offers a blue ribbon dust ruffle whose condition is near perfect telling us the dress was most likely for special occasions and worn very little.. Very early hook and eye closure up the front bodice with 5 sewn in very early corset stays for shaping. In excellent, wearable condition. The only flaw I can find is underarm discoloration...see magnified photos below. This is a beauty!

This authentic 1800's dress measures as follows:

Bust: 30 inches

Waist: 22 inches

Underarm to sleeve end: 21 inches

Underarm to hemline: 52 inches

For serious antique clothing collectors or Civil Reinactment attendees....this genuine 1860's dress is a must have for your collection....the colors are glorious!

Please note...if there is no serious interest in this item I will exercise my right to end the auction early to protect my investment.

From Me:

Okay, so...if you look at the bodice you can tell it really really wants to be longer. The way the shoulders are sloped and that lovely pleating of the sleeves right at the armscye also indicate all one thing - 1840's. Someone just chopped off the elongated waistline and repleated the skirt to the bodice making it more appropriate for the early 1860's. The sleeves were probably redone in the 1850's.

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