Saturday, January 18, 2014

18th Century Women's Jacket

From the seller:

Originally purchased Augusta Auctions, November 22, 2011 NYC sale Lot: 222

Deaccessioned from Brooklyn Museum.


c. 1765 woman's bodice - Ivory silk faille with jewel-tone florals, attached peplum with accordion pleats at back sides.

Faux pockets - interesting and unusual shaped pocket flap detail.

Homespun linen and yellow tabby silk lining.

Centre back boning.

Cuffs missing

Length: 21 “

Ground color of this fabric is more beige than ivory - photographs lighter than it is. Attractive accordion pleats at side seams are an interesting detail.

Some staining under the arms and some grime marks on the shoulders, but in good condition for a 250 year old garment!

Reproduction petticoat not included.

Will supply more photographs upon request.

From Me:

I believe this is from about the 1740's and recut slightly at a later date. There are couple of big hints that it's earlier - the sleeves (notice how wide the cuff is) and that button right near the waist. If you'd like to see a few similar styled jackets:

Rococó, ca. 1750-1760



If you notice, they are all Spanish. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was originally from Spain and brought over. This is just after the golden age of Piracy so it might not have been brought over nicely. ;-)

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  1. Wow, how cool! Too bad she couldn't find a smaller dress form so it would photograph better. Still, altogether wonderful!