Monday, January 13, 2014

Early 1870's Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

all silk with holes this is a true antique has a lot of condition problems came out of a estate of lacy has tarers I always tare these up for the lace i could not do these mostly hand made the tops are in good condition the skirt has some tares but a lot of good lace 2 tops and skirt see more great for display for show or textile museum from Tennessee tops small skirt med.14

Questions and answers about this item

Q: dear seller, does the dress have any odors? smell of storage, moth balls, 0r mildew? or cedar? thank you. tennesee must be beautiful. thank you
A: yes attic its nice to look at its very fragil

Q: Hi, Are there any armpit stains, shredding or big holes? What are the bust and waist measurements of the bodice? Thanks
A: no arm pit stains 30 waist yes there are holes and shreading bust 36

Q: What are bust and waist measurements? Thank you
A: waist 28 bust 36

Q: What are the top's measurements: bust, waist, shoulder to top's hem? What are the skirt's measurements: waist, hip, waist to hem? Is the outfit lined? thank you
A: skirt waist inch 30 43 inch long . over skirt 32 back 22 front both flared top bust 34 jacket waist 28 its lined the skirt this is old silk display only has condition problems and been in a attic for 50 years

From Me:

So, either the waist is 28" or 30" - either way she was a slightly larger than average lady (remember, corsets!) smells funny but we aren't sure what of. Hmmm...

That being said, it's from about 1872 or so.


  1. "I always tare these up for the lace"

    Scream! I'm glad they didn't tear this one up. It's gorgeous!

    1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of losers like that out there - who would rather destroy a piece of art for it's parts never comprehending the beauty they have forever ruined.

    2. Hard to tell what's worse...her incomprehensible writing or the fact that she tears these up for the lace!! What is she possibly using the lace on?!

    3. Most of the time, sellers like this sell the lace or other trims on ebay as "vintage". That's why I'm very very cautious about buying old lace online - always make sure it's deadstock and not ripped off a dress like this. I've seen it many times where a seller has cut up a dress to sell the panels as antique fabric as well.