Saturday, January 11, 2014

Natural Form Polka Dot Bodice!

From the seller:

A lovely bodice of a 19th century summer gown that reminds sunny days and sea side holydays. In fact it was created by Fanny Dufourt in Toulon (town on the french mediterranean coast).
It is made of sand coloured silk with turquoise dots. Neckline, bottom sleeves and "tail" are decorated with rows of pleated matching silk satin, and for the sleeves, on top of this another piece of ruffled satin, all these edged with turquoise satin. A huge satin bow on top of the tail, also edged with turquoise satin. There is a fantastic work and many hours in all these trims. The front closes with 11 antique MOP and metal buttons (+2 missing - the first and the last.)
The silk is still in quite good to medium condition with a beginning of fragility to the most exposed parts (shoulders, button hole edge) and a few tiny spots of fraying in the bottom part (on the hips , that can be hidden easily in the horizontal folds. But on these most exposed parts as well as on the front hips where the elbows are rubbing and the hands often lay, the turquoise silk polka dots have been rubbed away and nearly vanished (see pictures please) All the satin trims are in excellent condition with no wear or tear or fragility.
There is one rusty stain on the left back (waist) and on the right front (hip) and some timy marks here and there. see pictures. some marks also on the right side of the bow - see picture. Please dont expect to wear this, as tempting as it might be, but it is worth to be copied and a treasure to display.
measures flat: chest about 18"
waist: about 12 1/2" - 13"
hips about 18"
front length 20" + 5"
please ask for more pictures.

-Usually I do not make private listings but if for any reason you have this preference, I can always add this option on demand.

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From Me:

Isn't this just a confection? I *adore* it. Very much late 1870's and a beautiful example of the Natural Form era.


  1. I want to hug this seller for the detail shots of the gorgeous trims, in good lighting. I was actually looking for a reference/inspiration for just this type of trimming!

    1. :-) There are a couple of sellers that are really good about photos of the antique clothing.