Monday, January 13, 2014

1920's Yellow Butterfly Dress

From the seller:

What I would give to have seen this dress, in action, in the 1920's!
So beautiful & feminine, yet flirty
Very good condition
All of the beadwork is in tact. The only damage is at both straps. Have the straps backed with velvet or satin ribbon, in a coordinating fabric, to stop the tearing. It is simply a result if the silk carrying the weight of all the intricate bead work
The pink beadwork is dimensional. It is raised flowers.
The sparkles are rhinestones everywhere!
The skirt had laver insets
There is a butterfly on both sides
Stun at your next event in this dress! Or add to your collection. You are worth it!

From Me:

Oh! Butterflies!!!!

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