Sunday, November 16, 2014

1890's Bodice

From the seller:

This Victorian waist is from the 1900s-1920s.
It is probably handmade and has been kept in good condition.
There are some black marks on the sleeves, front, and back. I have taken a picture of most of them, mainly the biggest ones.
There are a couple holes on the back above the bow, and there are a few larger holes underneath the left armpit area.
The hooks and boning are still intact.
The color is a peachy pink with a creamy, though slightly discolored with time, lace.
Made for very petite women, possibly even for a child.

The puffed sleeves are 16" long.
The front is 14.5" long from the collar and 11.5" across.

From Me:
Completely 1890's with those sleeves of doom!

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