Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Romatic Era Dress

From the seller:

A rare and beautiful 1820’s green changeable silk dress. It is all hand stitched. The green silk has a changeable quality with a mauve undertone The dress has a high empire waistline and Gigot styled sleeves. The tops of the sleeves have stitched down pleating that is held in place with a darker shade of green bands. The bodice has a cross over fan pleated front. The neck, shoulders, armscyes and inner seam on the sleeves are all piped. The bodice is lined with linen and has a back hook and eye closure. The skirt is fully lined with a brown printed fabric. The waist has a band of tan linen. The dress is in very good museum quality condition. There is no underarm discoloration and no holes in the silk fabric. There is a tiny spot of wear on the piping on one shoulder and some very minor stress marks under one arm. There are a couple of tiny age spots along the bottom of the skirt front. The dress is for display only. Bust 30 Waist 22 Skirt length 37.

From Me:

This is one of those originally created in the 1820's but redone in the 1830's dresses. The pleating of the sleeves was probably done in the later era although the rest of the dress looks more like the construction of the earlier one.


  1. Drool, drool, drool! This one goes on the Make-It list. :-)

  2. It's a lovely dress but I just CAN'T with the sleeves from this period. They make my eyes hurt.

    1. The early 1820's aren't too bad - right when they start to make the sleeves big. But the later 1820's and the early 1830's? I put them in the same category as early 1990's hair and pretty much anything fashion wise from the 1970's.

    2. Me too! Just *not* my era. But isn't the crazy variety of historical fashions wonderful :-)