Wednesday, November 5, 2014

World War I Chaplain's Uniform

From the seller:

I purchased this uniform a number of years ago in Brainerd, Minnesota and was told it is a WW1 Chaplain's uniform. It has overall fading (less fading in the back and there is an unfaded imprint from a pair of gloves that were pinned to the front of the garment - see photos), and some stains along the hemline but otherwise this is in excellent vintage condition. It is fully lined and the lining is strong and intact. This was manufactured by the Henderson-Ames Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan which produced military and society goods. The hat has the name W.A. Syreen stamped inside. There is a sizing label inside the coat as these were custom made. The coat has a Nehru collar and fasten with a heavy duty metal hook & eye. There are cloth buttons running down the front of the coat and on the cuffs. There are badges in the form of a cross made of metallic thread and velvet on the ends of both sleeves at the back of the wrist. The coat has a vented and pleated back along with two interior pockets. Measurements are as follows: Shoulders - 20" Sleeves - 25" (shoulder to end of sleeve) Length - 40-1/2" Chest - 40-1/2" Waist - 39" The hat has an interior circumference of 22" and aside from some fading it is in excellent condition.

From Me:

A very nice piece of history - with the historical measurements included!

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