Sunday, November 9, 2014

Teen's Era Pink Suit!

From the seller:

I bought this dress years ago when I could wear it, but only did a time or two. Since then, it is too small in the hips and I have just displayed it on a bed. I really am not sure about the age, material, etc, so the descriptions are a good guess. It is a fairly heavy material and does not wrinkle easily. Perhaps linen? I think it should be the early years of the last century but will be happy to try and answer questions. It was a deeper pink, but has faded. It is 54" from shoulder to hem. It is ankle length for a person who is 5'6". There is one small brown hole on the dress. The Jacket is 24" down the center of the back and arms are 20" from the top of the shoulder to the bottom edge. There are many hooks and eyes to close the front of the dress. The trim is braiding in black and blue. The buttons are square fabric covered on the bodice and two on each of the arms. The side lace inserts on the jacket and dress and the front panel on the dress have no rips or tears.I am selling it because I hope that someone who buys it will know more about preserving it or can enjoy wearing it. Lying on the bed with the skirt spread makes it look very broad, so I took a picture hanging as well.

Q: Hello there! I wonder if you would be able send some measurements particularity the bust and waist... Also whilst you there would you be able let me know the seam allowance size, so I know if I win I will be able to alter it to fit! Sorry to be a bother. Thank you Emma Sep-04-14
A: Hi, It is difficult to say exactly as I don't want to handle the dress much now that I am putting it up for sale. I took a tape measure and measured approx. 32-33" bust and 26" waist. The bottom side seams, two are 1/2 " with binding at edges and two are only 1/4" no binding. The problem is that the seams only extend from the bottom to about or slightly below the hips. The lace inserts provide all the seams above and I don't think you could easily change them. I did not want to wear the dress myself after once, for fear I would damage it (not to mention spreading hips). Hope this helps.

From Me:

Probably 1914 give or take a couple of years. I honestly thought - based on the first photo- it was one of those vintage 1980's suits. However, it's clearly not.

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