Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teens Era, Poss. WWI, Green Evening Dress

From the seller:

1914 green satin draped in silk tulle decorated with tiny gelatin sequins. The bodice of the gown has an inner camisole to which the top center front lace has been applied. The neckline is a v-line and the lace has been supported with white tulle. Hooks and snaps close the bodice. The green silk is set to the outside of the lace and crosses onto the back over the shoulders creating a scoop neckline in back. Over the green is draped fine black silk tulle that is decorated with tiny gelatin sequins. The tulle is attached around the seam line on the back at the base of the scoop neckline and tacked in several places on the front sides. The tulle drapes down the center back of the gown and comes to point when it is joined with a tassel. Two more tassels are attached on the right and left center front sides of the tulle. The sheer silk tulle sleeves are attached to the camisole. The silk under the arms needs restoration. There are holes and discoloration. Stabilizing from underneath is the way to go. Around the waist is a pleated green satin sash that snaps to the waist for closure. There are several places where the snaps have pulled through the fabric. The skit has a matching silk tulle over drape that wraps around the skirt and meets low on the center back of the skirt to join with a matching beaded tassel. The skirt has two layers of green silk.

SIZE: B-34, W-25, H-42, LNG-59, SH-17, SL-27

From Me:

It's later than 1914 with that dropped waist. Most likely WWI era.


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    1. It is a nice bright green. No one will not see you in that color. :-)

    2. Ha! Reminds me of wearing my leg-o-mutton acid green dress... comments every ten steps guaranteed.