Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lovely Late Edwardian Blue Dress

From the seller:

I start saying i''m not an expert but i love antique dress and fabrics
Please see photos carefully that can explain better than me
Here is for your consideration a beautiful ocean blue Titanic dress. From my photos it seems to be faded in parts but it is NOT.
It is decorated on The back with sequins. Damages under arms as you can see. The silk is wonderful. It is not lined

From Me:

About 1908. The higher bust line became fashionable then and stayed in fashion until about 1913. The embroidery is a left over from the Belle Epoque which was on it's way out. You can see some of the sleeker lines of the later fashion also starting show itself in this dress - with the buttons on the skirt and the cut of the skirt.

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