Friday, January 2, 2015

1820's Day Cap

From the seller:

An exquisite 1810-1820 muslin high crown day cap. The front of the cap has a panel of white embroidery. The front brim and neckline are trimmed with lace trimmed ruffles. The back crown has a circle and embroidered insert. The circle is outlined with lace. The day cap has white silk chin ties. The day cap is in very good condition. There is no age discoloration and no holes in the muslin fabric. There are a few tiny breaks in the lace trim.

From Me:

With the pleats giving more height to the back of the cap rather than giving it a baggy look, this is probably early 1820's. Here are some similar hats and bonnets from the late Regency, early Romantic Era.

National Trust 1820s cap
Met Sunbonnet 1825
Women's Cap 1820's

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