Saturday, April 23, 2016

Early Bustle Dress!

From the seller:

welcome to our auction of.a selection of a very old antique clothing .please read condition above .it has a price of 300.00 from 25 years ago we are starting low .beautifulgray 2 pce bodice and skirt with original buttons .i am not sure of fabric .it is so beautiful and i love the wings on the skirt and trim is a gray ribbon of same fabric with ivory fringed design. i will be listing directly from estate .this person was a vintage clothing & textile dealer .have been in box for storage .read condition above and ask questions .i am not an expert in this category .many other outstanding clothing and textile related items on at this time or coming soon .
bodice measures ,
shoulder to shoulder of 15''
bust of 32''
waist of 20''
length of 15''

skirt measures

length of 36 in front and 38'' in back''
waist of 20''

From Me:

It annoys me to no end when people are incapable of hitting the shift key. Seriously, how hard is it to capitalize letters? Have we truly descended into that form of laziness in which we find it too troubling to reach our pinkies over and hit two keys at once? I doubt this was done on a phone as most phones know two things - period then two spaces and capitalize letters at the beginning of words.

Given the lengths of the skirt and the measurements of the bodice, I believe this was a young miss dress.

1868 Fashion Plate

What I really like about this dress is the horsehair lining. This would have given the overskirt a bit of extra "oomph" for some extra fullness.


  1. I'm with you on capitalization, but please don't encourage people to use two spaces after a period, that's still wrong!! Though I don't think this person has a grasp of punctuation or capitalization.

    1. Actually, here's a great history on the one space/two space debate. Also, although the Chicago style says one space, APA (which is what I was taught) says two still.

    2. I think the debate is pretty much an American-only thing, the rest of the world agrees on single space. And on using metric ;-)

    3. Actually, the APA and Chicago styles are used in many parts of the English speaking world. I know APA is used in Ireland and I think it was advocated as the citation rule for the EU as well.