Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Early Romantic Era White Sheer Dress

From the seller:


A most becoming and charming rare American 1820 - 1825 white fine cotton hand stitched one piece gown FOR STUDY. Recently de-accessioned from the Rochester Historical society collection in New York State, and still retaining its original identification museum tag.

The dress waistine has cartilage pleating with short puffed sleeves and the hemline is decorated wide pleats. The neckline and sleeve edge is decorated with valenciennes lace and embroidered trim.

There are 4 baleen whale bone stays.

The bodice has an inner bodice and the skirt is unlined. There is a hook and loop closures at back.

The gown is in very good and sturdy condition. There is no underarm discoloration, and has not been washed. There is one 1/2" inch split on the sleeve's trim, some scattered 1/4" to 1" splits in the fabric on seams under arm, no stains. There are very small holes in skirt. There are small holes can be found in seam back and under arm seams, probably stress rips. There has been alterations to this gown over the decades. Waist has been cut and separated into 2 pieces. Waist band has been added. Seams have been taken in on both sides of waist.

A rare and highly collectible early garment.

Bust 25" Waist 21", Length of sleeves 7", Length of dress from neck line to hemline in front 51", Length of dress from neck line to hemline in back 56". A very attractive early 19th century gown.

The dress is a small size and for display only.

From Me:

I believe this is the latter half of the 1820's based on the bodice ratio to the skirt. Although the sleeves are different the Met has a late 1820's dress with similar bodice treatment to this extant one.

1827 Fashion Plate
.  The fashion plate may be of a ball gown but the cut of the dresses are very similar.

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