Saturday, April 30, 2016

Late Victorian and Edwardian Bodices with a Short Cape

From the seller:

This auction is for three pieces of vintage Victorian clothing. There are two bodices and a shoulder cape. As can be seen in the photos, they all have some issues and may be good only for repair, salvage of materials for other projects or display. The bodices are in much stronger condition than the cape and could probably be worn with a little work. The bodice with the puffed sleeves is made of a heavy silk satin and the silk is very strong, however, the lace has become somewhat dry and there are holes. It also feels as if something spilled on one sleeve and it has stiffened the fabric. I have not attempted to clean it. The bust measures 34” and the waist measures 28”. The other bodice is also in strong condition everywhere except the lace neckline which has breaks. It is made of a lighter silk. Some small areas of the soutache trim have browned with age. The bust measures 36” and the waist measures 24”. The silk ruffle trim on the cape has deteriorated and is falling off in pieces. The body of the cape is still strong with typical moth holes and nips. The lining is good.

From Me:

The puffy sleeved one is very much mid 1890's Victorian but the other bodice is late Edwardian.

1894 Fashion Plate

1909 Fashion Plate

The cape is most likely 1890's as well.

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