Monday, April 4, 2016

Natural Form (?) Dress

From the seller:
1913-1914 Edwardian Morning Dress or Wrapper, Rare, Wearable

Worn for breakfast
Hook and eye closures on front interior from shoulder to lower part of dress
Interior lined in linen
Exterior may be linen as well
Cotton lawn ruffle at neck and arms
House dress has gathered train which became very popular just after late 1912
Cuffs and front of dress are ivory silk with pink silk crepe adornment
Stays are present within the interior seams
Gold brocade trim may have been added later

Approximate measurements: 34 B/C bust, 29" waist, 36" hips.

Condition: (see photographs)
1. The decorative gold brocade needs to be replaced in one area.
2. Needs some creative stitching near the hem.
3. At least 4 hook & eyes need to be replaced.
4. There is some shattered silk on the sleeve and this decorative part of the sleeve needs stitching reinforced.

From Me:

1877 Fashion Plate
I'm really not sure on this one.  I think it's a Princess Line dress, similar to the red one in the fashion plate above.  However, it also looks like it could be a 1930's costume dress trying to be a Natural Form dress.  It's not 1913/1914 - I'm guessing the seller thought it was a hobble dress?   The waistline is wrong for that era as well as the sleeves and...really, pretty much everything except the skirt pinned up in the back.  

The more I look at it, the more I think it's a costume and not really a Natural Form so, just be wary on this one...

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